Working With Us

Our Process​

Final Draft Communications cultivates long-term relationships with companies that require ongoing work. We operate on a telecommute basis from Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, using email, Zoom, Google Docs, and other tools to maintain regular communication.

To ensure each project starts off well, we ask you the right questions upfront about your needs, including purpose, audience, goals, brand, style, and deadlines. We then conduct thorough research and interviews using web-based sources, and those you provide. We draft copy that is typically 90 percent or more accurate on the first draft. Finally, we provide adequate revision rounds to ensure you get polished documents that reflect your message and brand.

The first step to starting a project with Final Draft Communications is an initial no-obligation consultation. We’ll talk about your needs and goals, and discover if working together seems like a good fit. Want to get a head start? Fill out our needs assessment, and we’ll get back to you to follow up.

Each project has its own set of requirements, but the typical process is as follows:


Project Initiation

After an agreement has been signed, project work can begin!

Research, Interviews, and Drafting

In this phase of the project, we conduct research and interviews to gather information for your content, and then use it to develop an initial draft.



First Review

We send the initial draft to you. Your task is to review the document and inform us of any changes that need to be made. Minor to moderate revisions are expected in this round.

First Revision

Once you send your changes, we incorporate them into the document, making sure it remains accurate and polished. If we believe your changes conflict with the goals of the document, or otherwise make the document worse, rather than better, we (kindly!) let you know and work with you to ensure a successful outcome.



Second Review

We send the second draft to you. Again, your task is to review the document, and alert us to any changes that need to be made. Minor revisions are expected during this round.

Second Revision

We incorporate changes to the second draft into the document, again making sure it remains accurate and polished.



The Final Draft!

The end result of the process is the final draft. We send you the text and look forward to hearing about how it helps you connect with your clients and prospects.