This case study details how Guidehouse helped a federal agency seamlessly migrate 25 critical applications to the AWS cloud.

About the Project

As part of an ongoing engagement, Guidehouse hired Final Draft Communications (FDC) to develop a case study about how the company assisted a federal agency with a complex cloud transition.

Situation: Guidhouse works with organizations within the commercial and public sectors to support technological transformation and innovate custom solutions. It hired FDC to develop a case study to showcase its expertise in conducting impactful cloud migrations.

Solution: FDC met with Guidehouse technical experts to gather detailed information about the cloud migration project. We wrote the case study using this information and supplemented it with additional research as needed.

Outcome: The case study provides a high level of detail about the cloud migration process for a mixed technical and nontechnical audience. It presents the reasons why the agency needed to migrate, as well as the process Guidehouse used and the challenges it overcame. It also offers specific information about how the migration improved the agency’s operations. Readers gain insight into what is involved in a real migration and the case study has helped Guidehouse attract new clients.

“With careful pre-migration planning, the cutover timeline was reduced from one week to a few hours. This process ensured business operations could continue uninterrupted during annual budget planning, one of the most critical times of year for agency budget analysts.”

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Our Role

  • Developed a comprehensive list of questions to ask subject matter experts for all case studies
  • Interviewed technical subject matter experts
  • Conducted supplemental research
  • Delivered an initial case study draft
  • Worked with the technical review team to incorporate revision requests