E Source

This executive summary serves as the introduction to a series of detailed reports describing results from research and providing guidance for utilities about how to create winning strategies for each social media platform.

About the Project

As part of an ongoing partnership, E Source — a utility consulting firm — engaged Final Draft Communications (FDC) to develop a series of reports based on its annual research study on how utilities use social media.

Situation: The reports were made available to participants and to members of E Source’s paid Corporate Communications Service. To provide an overview of the reports and create “teaser” content that could be viewed by the public, E Source needed an executive summary that summarized the project for a broad audience.

Solution: For the executive summary, FDC received from E Source information about the overall project, detailed survey results, and key findings from a research analyst. We developed an outline based on previous reports and guidance from the research team and wrote the executive summary based on a review of study results and outside sources.

Outcome: From the executive summary, readers get an overview of the research and what to expect from the individual platform reports. The information positions E Source as an authority on utility social media use and how to optimize it.

“Utilities must find a balance between sharing information customers are already interested in and sharing new, important information. We asked survey respondents what topics they cover on social media and which types of content they develop to communicate in these areas.”

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Our Role

  • Met with the research team to understand project requirements
  • Developed an outline based on previous reports and guidance from the research team
  • Reviewed study results and conducted additional research
  • Wrote executive summary
  • Minimal revisions requested