This blog post describes how remote work will evolve to include components of the metaverse and explains some of the challenges associated with this technology.

About the Project

As part of an ongoing partnership, BairesDev — a software development outsourcing provider in Buenos Aires, Argentina — engaged Final Draft Communications (FDC) to write a series of blog posts targeted to business professionals. To demonstrate technology thought leadership, BairesDev required relevant topics, SEO keyword integration, significant length, incorporation of related videos, and links back to existing BairesDev content.

FDC has been supporting BairesDev in this initiative since 2019 and has developed hundreds of ghostwritten posts for the company’s blog so far. For each article, FDC collaborated with BairesDev in topic development, with BairesDev assigning some of the subjects and FDC suggesting others. For the article “How the Metaverse Can Support Your Distributed Workforce,” FDC suggested the topic based on an understanding of metaverse and remote work trends. BairesDev readily approved the topic and FDC researched and wrote it based on information from reliable online resources.

The article describes how remote work will evolve to include components of the metaverse, such as virtual spaces, productivity solutions, and communication tools. The article also covers some of the challenges associated with virtual work in the metaverse and explains how companies can get started with building a virtual office. With this blog post, attributed to a BairesDev team member, the company shows that it is informed about the latest trends and technologies and, therefore, highly prepared to meet customers where they are and help them take the next steps in their digital journeys.

“Companies that want to experiment with virtual workspaces can find several platforms that provide this service. Experts recommend choosing carefully based on things like avatar style which can improve visual cues, directional sound that can make users feel more present in the environment, and the ability to avoid virtual reality (VR) headsets which can be cumbersome to wear all day.”

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Our Role

  • Researched possible technology topics to cover
  • Conducted thorough research on the selected topic
  • Wrote blog post copy on behalf of the named author
  • Delivered the draft along with requested links and video suggestion
  • No revisions requested