Why FDC?

Since 1997, FDC has been delivering superior content development services in complex industries, such as technology and energy. Companies that have benefited from our work include Intel, Samsung, Amazon Web Services, Aria Solutions, E Source, and Guidehouse Insights. FDC has earned a reputation for combining the ability to quickly grasp complex topics with superior language skills to deliver high-quality written documents. In addition to the quality of our writing, clients appreciate that we:

  • Take the time to gain a full understanding of the needs of each project and client
  • Customize how we approach each project, including tone and format
  • Manage projects from beginning to end, including research, interviewing, drafting, and revisions
  • Deliver drafts that require little revision

In addition, FDC provides responsive communication, close collaboration, and on-time delivery.

What You Can Expect

  • Outcomes based on your objectives
  • Advice based on extensive experience assisting clients with a wide range of projects
  • A high level of professionalism and client care


Q: Are you available to meet my team’s ongoing copywriting needs?

A: Yes! That’s what we specialize in. We’ve found that our services provide the best value when we can get to know you—as well as your products, services, and programs—over time.

Q: How would you describe your working style?

A: Clients have found us to be dependable, flexible, and professional. We respond quickly to voice mail and email, collaborate to find the best ways to complete projects, and do our best to accommodate requests that require a fast response.

Q: How do you know what to write about my business?

A: Each project is different, but generally we collect information through a combination of interviews, online research, and reviews of source materials that you provide.

Q: Why are your fees not posted?

A: Our projects are not one-size-fits-all, and therefore neither are our fees. Fees depend on a number of factors, including the scope of the project, complexity of the material, types of research required, number of reviewers, and volume of work. We’re happy to provide an estimate following an initial consultation, which you can contact us to arrange.

Q: What is required from me and my team?

A: Typically, you’ll be asked to:

  • Participate in an initial consultation
  • Provide background information for the project
  • Participate in interviews, or make subject matter experts available to do so
  • Be available for communication throughout the project
  • Review drafts
  • Provide final approval

Q: Some members of my team aren’t in the U.S. Is this a problem?

A: No! We have considerable experience working with international clients, including those in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. We understand how to navigate different time zones, languages, and cultures; and how to write for international audiences. We value the opportunity to work with and learn from people in other parts of the world.

Q: Who will be working on my projects?

A: Depending on your needs and our availability, your project will be covered by principal Karen Marcus, one of the competent contractors on her team, or a combination of team members.

Q: Why should I hire FDC?

A: We’re adept at listening not just to what clients say, but also to what they don’t say, and at bringing out the information needed to effectively complete each project. Beyond words, sentences, and paragraphs, we explore such factors as the audience profile, type of document, call to action, structure, branding, placement, and purpose. Our initial drafts are typically 90 to 100 percent accurate, and we rarely miss a deadline.

Q: What is the process for getting started on a copywriting project?

A: Contact us to get started. We’ll set a time to meet and ask some questions about your project, your company, and your expectations. Then, if you believe we can help and we believe our services are a good fit for your needs, we’ll prepare a proposal that spells out the details of how we can help you meet your goals. After we sign an agreement based on an approved proposal, we can get started!

We’re always happy to talk about your content development projects. Please feel free to contact us if you think we can help!