Utility Dive

This report explains what clean energy goals are, whether or not 100% is always the best target, and what utilities, companies, and jurisdictions can do to move forward.

About the Project

Utility Dive engaged FDC to develop a report sponsored by power source manufacturer Wartsila that would provide a state-of-the-industry view of clean energy goals and offer tips for readers.

FDC developed a report that explains why, while 100% clean energy might sound good, it’s not necessarily always the best choice for pursuing environmental goals.

“The way forward is to commit to reducing carbon emissions as much as possible, as quickly as possible. This action will not only serve to mitigate the climate crisis. It will also create new jobs as the world transitions to clean and renewable energy (RE) sources, and support climate justice.”

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Our Role

  • Developed document outline
  • Conducted subject matter expert interviews and supplemental research
  • Wrote ebook copy and revised based on minimal change requests