Intel (Case Study)

Intel logoSAMPLE TEXT: “One of the first considerations for optimizing the game for AIOs was the mode of play. Because an AIO can be used like a monitor with a keyboard and mouse or like a tablet flat on a table, the team created two versions: one in desktop mode, the other in tabletop mode. With either version, players can use a ‘pass-n-play’ option, which has all the visual elements facing one way at all times and allows only one player to interact with the game at a time.”

CLIENT: Intel on behalf of Studio B


PURPOSE: Describe how a developer successfully used Intel technology to develop an application

CHALLENGE: Help readers understand the complex process of application development, and how Intel helped

HOW FDC HELPED: Developed in-depth interview questions | Corresponded with subject matter expert | Wrote case study | Minimal revisions needed

RESULT: Developers reading the case study understand how they might use Intel technology in application development

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