Utility Dive (Ebook)

SAMPLE TEXT: “As the business world shifts its focus toward the customer experience, many leaders struggle to develop customer-centric models. Yet, when consumers see this level of service in other industries, such as clothing, hospitality and consumer goods, they demand the same from all entities they engage with, including utilities. Given the increasing scrutiny utilities face, leaders must determine how to address these demands.”

CLIENT: Utility Dive Brand Studio


PURPOSE: Describe how utility leaders can learn the skills and insights they need to address pressing industry challenges

CHALLENGE: Provide practical take-aways that leaders can realistically put to use

HOW FDC HELPED: Developed document outline | Conducted subject matter expert interviews | Conducted research | Wrote ebook copy | Revised copy based on client reviews

RESULT: Readers understand the critical need to nurture future leaders and how education is a key part of the process, and want to learn more about the client company, MEA

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