Hach (Article)

Hach logoSAMPLE TEXT: “When a team at Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) set out to eliminate free ammonia in their water in order to control nitrification, the feedback they heard most frequently from colleagues was, ‘It can’t be done.’ But, they found that it can be done, and with minimal changes to the team’s existing routine. By regularly measuring free ammonia, a significant contributor to nitrification, the team has been able to eliminate nitrification events and free chlorine reversions (or chlorine ‘burns,’ as they are often known), and provide award-winning water to their customers.”

CLIENT: Hach Company

TYPE OF DOCUMENT: Article for a technical journal

PURPOSE: Highlight the success of a Hach customer

CHALLENGE: Present highly technical information in an understandable way for a mixed technical/non-technical audience

HOW FDC HELPED: Interviewed subject matter experts at Hach (including the named author) and FKAA | Conducted additional research | Ghost-wrote article | Minimal revisions needed

RESULT: Technical journal readers understand the important role a Hach product played in a customer’s success, improving trust and prompting them to take the next step in engaging with Hach

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