Energy Central (Article)

SAMPLE TEXT: “Like cars, power stations require regular maintenance to ensure smooth operation. Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL) schedules regular station downtimes (called outages) to allow crews to perform needed work. While other power companies do so as well, many of them experience frequent scheduling delays that end up costing the utility (and ultimately customers) money. IPL’s exceptional planning program prevents such delays 90 percent of the time.”

CLIENT: Energy Central

TYPE OF DOCUMENT: Article featuring interview with industry expert

PURPOSE: Demonstrate a “best practice” scenario for utility outage maintenance

CHALLENGE: Describe the process followed by Indianapolis Power & Light without getting too in the weeds

HOW FDC HELPED: Conducted interview and research | Wrote article copy | Revised copy based on utility reviews

RESULT: Utilities learn from a company that has developed an excellent process for managing planned power outages

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