EKS&H (Technical Article)

EKSH LogoSAMPLE TEXT: “Cost segregation can help healthcare entities reduce the tax burden related to building ownership and the resulting savings can enable them to allocate cash to current activities, such as purchasing equipment, developing new patient initiatives, and expanding their reach. Because of the complexity of this method, owners and managers should work with engineering-based cost segregation and tax professionals who have experience in getting the best results for healthcare entities.”



PURPOSE: Inform financial representatives within the healthcare industry about the cost savings that can result from using cost segregation

CHALLENGE: Describe a complex process simply and clearly

HOW FDC HELPED: Interviewed subject matter expert | Conducted online research | Wrote article | Minimal revisions needed

RESULT: Readers understand what cost segregation is, how it can benefit them, the importance of a cost segregation study, and how EKS&H can help

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