EKS&H (Thought Leadership Article)

SAMPLE TEXT: “Companies willing to invest in the make model have the potential to reap great rewards. Rather than seeking out individuals with perfect skill sets, they can hire people whose values and goals are in alignment with the company, which ensures a workforce that’s likely to stick around.”

CLIENT: EKS&H (now part of Plante Moran)

TYPE OF DOCUMENT: Thought Leadership Article

PURPOSE: Explain the “make versus buy” debate as it applies to labor in the manufacturing industry

CHALLENGE: Describe the benefits of the “make” model and demonstrate the benefits for real manufacturers

HOW FDC HELPED: Developed content strategy in cooperation with named author |Conducted SME interviews | Conducted research | Wrote article copy | Revised copy based on client reviews

RESULT: Readers understand why the “make” model is useful for manufacturers and how they might take a similar approach.

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