EKS&H (Report)

SAMPLE TEXT: “Manufacturers responding to the survey planned to use a number of strategies to meet staffing needs (see Figure 3), including increasing compensation (62%). They are also considering some of the more creative strategies, including developing internal training programs (42%) and external training agreements (15%) with industry or educational institutions. Tactics to reduce turnover, selected by less than half of respondents (39%), and more deliberate succession planning (28%) could also decrease the costly need to attract (and train) new talent.”

CLIENT: EKS&H (now part of Plante Moran)

TYPE OF DOCUMENT: Survey report

PURPOSE: Summarize results of the EKS&H/Leading Edge Alliance 2018 National Manufacturing Outlook and Insights report

CHALLENGE: Choose data and results most relevant to the target audience

HOW FDC HELPED: Conducted analysis, research, and interview with the named author | Wrote article copy | Revised copy based on client reviews

RESULT: Manufacturers and other business professionals understand how others in the field view important topics, helping them make better decisions. EKS&H gains a reputation for offering helpful advice.

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