Cornerstone Group (Article)

SAMPLE TEXT: “Despite all their advantages, 51% of U.S. smartphone users don’t download apps. In the following pages, we hope to convince you to be in the other 49% (if you aren’t already). Apps are simple programs designed to be intuitive and easy to use. There’s typically a short learning curve before you’re confidently using an app and wondering how you ever lived without it.”

CLIENT: Cornerstone Group

TYPE OF DOCUMENT: Article featured in a consumer-focused magazine distributed by ISPs

PURPOSE: Help consumers who are late technology adopters understand the benefits of apps and how to use them

CHALLENGE: Introduce the topic of apps in an easy-to-understand way for readers who are shy about technology

HOW FDC HELPED: Created article outline | Conducted research | Wrote article copy | No revisions needed

RESULT: Readers get a good understanding of the basics of apps: what they are, how they can be useful, and how to start using them. ISPs that offer the publication where the article appeared gain a reputation for providing helpful, relevant advice.

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