Cornerstone Group (B2C Article)

SAMPLE TEXT: “When criminals get your credit card number, they can use it to make purchases or, even worse, to open other accounts in your name (steal your identity). Many credit cards don’t require you to pay for fraudulent charges, but you may spend a good number of hours and dollars trying to reclaim your identity and get your credit back to good standing.”

CLIENT: Cornerstone Group


PURPOSE: Help consumers avoid credit card scams

CHALLENGE: Provide practical information that readers can actually use to understand and avoid credit card scams

HOW FDC HELPED: Conducted research | Wrote article copy | No revisions needed

RESULT: Readers of Website Compass magazine get a good understanding of how to avoid this type of scam and what to do if they become a victim. ISPs that send Website Compass to customers gain a reputation for providing helpful advice.

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