BairesDev (Article)

SAMPLE TEXT: “Like many other services offered on a subscription basis, MaaS can bring a host of benefits to companies that use it. They include cost savings, increased efficiency, and reduced time to market, all of which can contribute to greater customer satisfaction and increased revenues. However, it can also bring challenges, so businesses considering it must think carefully about how it would impact, and even disrupt, their operations, and whether those challenges are worth the potential advantages.”

CLIENT: BairesDev

TYPE OF DOCUMENT: Article with SEO link back to BairesDev

PURPOSE: Explain Machines as a Service (MaaS) model

CHALLENGE: Provide a useful explanation without getting too bogged down in technical details

HOW FDC HELPED: Developed content topic and direction | Conducted research | Wrote article copy | No revisions needed

RESULT: Readers understand how the MaaS model can help their companies and view BairesDev as a thought leader on this topic

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