Aria Solutions (Blog Post)

Aria logo_squareSAMPLE TEXT: “There may be unwanted consequences if you wait too long to upgrade your IVR. With an aging or obsolete system, you’ll spend ever more time, money, and resources trying to maintain something that is becoming less supported and more complex. In addition, your company may end up losing customers due to frustration with the system if your technology falls too far behind.”

CLIENT: Aria Solutions


PURPOSE: Explain in a fun way why IT directors shouldn’t delay upgrading their interactive voice response (IVR) system

CHALLENGE: Create a metaphor that most people can relate to, and effectively use it to communicate the intended message

HOW FDC HELPED: Developed tax/IVR comparison | Interviewed technical subject matter experts, including the named author | Researched source information | Wrote copy on behalf of the named author | Incorporated revisions from review team

RESULT: Aria Solutions has a relatable blog post to start prospects thinking about their IVR status and possible next steps

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