Amazon Web Services

This case study provides a detailed description of how AWS helped Kurt Geiger to scale up its ecommerce sites to handle double the number of transactions.

About the Project

As part of an ongoing partnership, Studio B on behalf of Amazon Web Services (AWS) — a major cloud platform provider — engaged Final Draft Communications (FDC) to develop a series of case studies that provided detailed descriptions of how AWS enabled customers to improve their operations. The target audience was technical, but AWS also wanted to develop a narrative about how each project evolved, so case study development required both technical understanding and a story-focused approach.

After meeting with the AWS and Studio B teams to clarify the direction for the Kurt Geiger case study, FDC interviewed AWS Development Manager, Adam Bidwell, and wrote the case study based on his input and additional research.

The case study describes how Kurt Geiger was challenged with scaling up its websites during peak traffic, such as holiday shopping times. It explains that the company moved its operations to an AWS platform because it wanted the flexibility this solution could provide, resulting in the ability to increase its capacity by 400 percent as well as other benefits. This case study demonstrates AWS’ value in a real-life situation, helping readers envision working with AWS in the same way.

“The planning stage that the previous solution required to acquire network or server resources is no longer necessary. The new process involves simply getting a quick idea of the costs based on hourly pricing and turning it on – changing a process that once took several weeks to one that can now be completed in less than a day. “

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Our Role

  • Met with the AWS and Studio B content teams to discuss direction
  • Interviewed technical subject matter expert
  • Conducted supplemental research
  • Wrote case study copy based on the interview and research
  • Incorporated revisions from the review team and delivered final draft