Energy Central

This article describes how one utility created a robust system for successful outage maintenance.

About the Project

As part of an ongoing partnership, Energy Central, a community of power utility professionals, engaged FDC to seek out utility accomplishments, interview the professionals involved, and develop articles to help other utilities improve. Given the varying levels of experience among the target audience, the articles needed to describe technical processes without getting too in the weeds.

FDC found a professional at Indianapolis Power & Light who had created a robust system for successful outage planning. FDC interviewed the expert and developed an article based on the interview. As a result, other utility professionals have access to details about a best-case scenario for ongoing utility outage maintenance.

“Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL) schedules regular station downtimes (called outages) to allow crews to perform needed work. While other power companies do so as well, many of them experience frequent scheduling delays that end up costing the utility (and ultimately customers) money. IPL’s exceptional planning program prevents such delays 90 percent of the time.”

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Our Role

  • Researched potential subject matter experts
  • Interviewed the outage planning expert at IPL
  • Wrote article copy based on the interview
  • Revised copy based on utility reviews