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This article describes utility technology trends expected to play a large part within the industry in the coming year.

About the Project

As part of an ongoing partnership, Energy Central engaged FDC to develop article themes, conduct research, and write articles to inform its community of power utility industry professionals. Given the varying levels of experience among the target audience, the articles needed to describe technical concepts without getting too in the weeds.

FDC created a “trends” series that features new utility technologies to watch for each year. With these articles, readers get a preview of what might be happening in the utility technology space in the coming months. The technology trends articles are some of the most read on the site.

“Sensors placed strategically throughout the grid could help personnel identify equipment problems, or even predict them before they happen, enabling utilities to resolve these issues before they worsen, or before costly equipment must be replaced.”

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Our Role

  • Researched useful topics
  • Determined and researched the technology trends topic
  • Wrote article copy based on research