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This article describes how professionals at CenterPoint Energy in Houston dealt with the unprecedented challenges of Hurricane Harvey.

About the Project

As part of an ongoing partnership, Energy Central, an online community of power utility professionals, engaged Final Draft Communications (FDC) to seek out examples of utility successes and write and post articles about them to help other utility professionals learn from their peers.

Situation. Energy Central wanted these pieces to be brief, yet impactful, presenting true industry challenges and solutions.

Solution. In seeking utility professionals with interesting stories to tell, FDC discovered that Hurricane Harvey, which lasted for an unusually long time, forced CenterPoint Energy (CNP) in Houston to develop innovative methods for restoring power. FDC interviewed CNP’s Director of Distribution Operations for the Electric Division, Edward Scott, and wrote the article based on his input.

Outcome. The article describes the specific demands of the storm and how CNP stepped up to respond, including the smart use of technology like the company’s advanced distribution management system (ADMS). With the article posted on Energy Central, community members can learn about specific strategies and techniques they might use within their own utilities to respond to similar situations. With such pieces available, Energy Central draws in more readers, attracting additional sponsors to support the platform.

“Scott says the CNP restoration process is similar to that of other power companies in that its goal is to get customers back online as quickly and efficiently as possible. But, CNP has heavily invested in automation — including the ADMS system, its IG devices, and its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system — which immediately provides information to CNP so employees can respond.”

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Our Role

  • Researched possible utility professionals to interview
  • Interviewed technical subject matter expert
  • Conducted supplemental research
  • Wrote article copy based on the interview and research
  • Posted, formatted, and published the article using Energy Central’s contributor portal