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This ebook describes how businesses can improve their customers’ experience by adopting a full-service digital solution.

About the Project

As part of an ongoing partnership, CIO Dive (part of Industry Dive) engaged Final Draft Communications (FDC) to develop an ebook for its client, NTT DATA Business Solutions.

Situation: The NTT DATA team wanted to demonstrate how offering higher levels of self-service can help organizations provide a more satisfying customer experience (CX), and explain why CX is so important in today’s business environment, especially for business-to-business (B2B) companies.

Solution: FDC met with representatives from CIO Dive and NTT DATA to flesh out the direction and subtopics for the ebook. We submitted a detailed outline and interviewed NTT DATA’s Vice President, Customer Experience Solutions Bob Meyer. We wrote the ebook based on Bob’s input and additional outside research.

Outcome: Readers of the ebook get a thorough understanding of a robust digital platform that can help them achieve better CX. The ebook includes case studies, so they can see real-life outcomes for companies that have used the platform. NTT DATA gets exposure on a widely read and highly regarded industry site (CIO Dive). The company demonstrates thought leadership on this topic and prompts readers to evaluate their own customer-facing online presence and consider NTT DATA’s solutions. CIO Dive benefits from a high-quality ebook that helps attract new clients.

“B2B customers want a portal that allows them not just to make purchases but also to view their purchase history, check the status of orders, reorder, establish support tickets and pay invoices.
Companies that don’t deliver this level of online service risk watching competitors overtake them in profitability and other measures of success.”

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Our Role

  • Met with client representatives to fine-tune direction and subtopics
  • Provided a detailed outline for approval
  • Interviewed technical subject matter expert
  • Conducted supplemental research
  • Delivered ebook copy along with design suggestions
  • No revisions requested