CIO Dive

This ebook describes the benefits of modern data analysis practices that support the work of data science experts and other business professionals.

About the Project

As part of an ongoing partnership, CIO Dive (part of Industry Dive) engaged Final Draft Communications (FDC) to develop an ebook for its client, Matillion. The Matillion team wanted to describe modern data analysis tools, especially those that can help business professionals not trained in data sciences participate in data exploration.

FDC met with representatives from CIO Dive and Matillion to flesh out the direction and subtopics for the ebook. We submitted a detailed outline, which the Matillion team approved with minor changes. FDC interviewed Matillion’s Principal Senior Product Marketing Manager Jason Tolu and Solution Architect Chris James, and wrote the ebook based on their input and additional research.

The ebook explains the importance of modern data practices including repeatable processes, low-code/no-code data pipeline development, and visual business logic. With this ebook, Matillion gets exposure on a widely read industry site (CIO Dive), with the expectation of resulting leads. Additionally, the company demonstrates thought leadership on this topic and prompts readers to evaluate their own data analysis practices and consider Matillion’s solutions. CIO Dive benefits from a high-quality ebook that helps attract new readers and clients.

“Information gaps occur when raw data is not optimized for analysis and can derail important corporate decisions, sometimes with a lasting impact. They are caused when decisions are made with insufficient data, without understanding the full context of the data they are being based on, or with data that has not been properly vetted or curated.”

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Our Role

  • Met with client representatives to fine-tune direction and subtopics
  • Provided a detailed outline for approval
  • Interviewed technical subject matter experts
  • Conducted supplemental research
  • Wrote ebook copy and delivered along with design suggestions
  • No revisions requested