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This blog post explains in a fun way why IT directors shouldn’t delay upgrading their IVR.

About the Project

As part of an ongoing partnership, Aria Solutions — an enterprise solutions provider in Calgary, Canada — engaged Final Draft Communications (FDC) to develop a blog post about the importance of updating interactive voice response (IVR) systems, to help the company promote its IVR installation and updating services. In communicating the intended message, the Aria Solutions team wanted to use an analogy that most readers could relate to.

After meeting with the Aria Solutions team to clarify the direction for the blog post, FDC developed the tax analogy, which was readily approved by the team. FDC interviewed the named author, Aria Solutions’ VP, Client Solutions, Kelly Wilson, and wrote the blog post based on his input and additional research.

The article, titled “Modernizing Your IVR is Like Preparing Your Taxes: You Can Only Put It Off for So Long,” explains in a fun way why IT directors shouldn’t delay upgrading their IVR. For example, just as not paying taxes could result in fines from the IRS, delaying an IVR update could result in having to spend more money and time maintaining a system that is becoming less supported and more complex. With this blog post, Aria Solutions demonstrates thought leadership on a service it provides and prompts readers to start thinking about their company’s IVR status and possible next steps.

“There may be unwanted consequences if you wait too long to upgrade your IVR. With an aging or obsolete system, you’ll spend ever more time, money, and resources trying to maintain something that is becoming less supported and more complex. In addition, your company may end up losing customers due to frustration with the system if your technology falls too far behind.”

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Our Role

  • Met with the content team to discuss direction
  • Developed tax/IVR analogy
  • Interviewed technical subject matter expert
  • Conducted supplemental research
  • Wrote blog post copy on behalf of the named author
  • Incorporated revisions from the review team and delivered final draft