Copywriting Services

FDC works with companies that need copywriting or editing services on an ongoing basis. We can develop copy for a wide variety of marketing documents, including those listed below. All pricing is custom. Please contact us to discuss your unique needs!


What’s the best way to position yourself as an expert in your field? Provide helpful information that gives customers and prospects a taste of what you know. FDC gathers the appropriate information and writes attention-getting articles that use your unique, authentic voice and showcase your expertise.

Blog Posts

Your blog is a portal to your company’s news, activities, and insight. At its best, it should inform, educate, and inspire your customers and prospects. FDC develops compelling posts for blogs that readers will appreciate and follow.

Case Studies (Success Stories)

Don’t just do exceptional work—tell the world about it! Seeing how you’ve helped a customer allows prospects to imagine how you could help them. FDC interviews you and your customer to tell the unique story of how you provided value to them.

Data Sheets

Sometimes you only want to give prospects a peek at a particular product or service. The best data sheets give readers just enough to want to know more. FDC gathers the best information to write solid data sheets that give prospects that perfect hint of your offerings.


If your company’s expertise in a particular area is so strong that you could literally “write a book” about it, why not do so? It doesn’t have to be hundreds of pages long, hard-bound, or available in bookstores. It just has to demonstrate that you know your stuff. FDC can help you develop a well-organized, easy-to-read ebook that’s sure to become a bestseller.


FDC’s editing services are for when you’ve written a piece yourself, and just want a bit of polish (or, as we like to call it, the English Major’s Stamp of Approval). We have extensive experience editing the work of both native and non-native English speakers.


One way to keep customers and prospects close is to keep them informed. Newsletters are effective tools for announcing new clients or projects, introducing your latest products or services, sharing successes, describing community involvement, and more. FDC crafts straightforward stories that let your audience know what you’re up to.

Press Releases

When something important happens, you want the world to know about it immediately. A press release provides the perfect medium to share pertinent details. FDC develops fact-based, yet interesting and easy-to-read press releases to get your news out to the world.

We’re always happy to talk about your writing projects. Please feel free to contact us if you think we can help!