About Us

FDC provides copywriting and editing services for global companies in complex industries, such as technology, telecommunications, energy, and finance. Clients appreciate FDC’s flexibility in delivering services for various assignments covering a wide range of topics; and our responsive service and on-time delivery.

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FDC’s principal, Karen Marcus, M.A., has been providing excellence in content development in complex industries, such as technology, telecommunications, energy, and finance, since 1997. Clients particularly appreciate Karen’s ability to understand the parameters of each project; her expertise in conducting thorough research and interviews; and her capacity for developing polished copy for a variety of writing and editing tasks.

Karen and her team will ensure high quality from the initial stages of your project, all the way to the final draft. 


Our Philosophy

We believe good writing is based on good listening, so we listen closely to your needs to make sure we’re starting with the right project. Then, we hear what you have to say about your company, organization, products, and services, digging deep to make sure your documents are accurate and appropriate for your purpose and audience.

We believe it’s our job to make you look great–to your customers, clients, and prospects. Before starting any project, we make sure we have a thorough understanding of who those people are and what they want to know.

We believe quality copywriting is about more than putting together words, sentences, and paragraphs. We consider ALL the factors involved, including branding, structure, tone, purpose, and context, and we help you determine the right message and direction for each document.

We believe in simple language that doesn’t distort your message, so we choose plain words for complex concepts, strive for a logical flow of ideas, and honor your unique, authentic voice.

We believe you have enough on your plate without having to babysit your vendors, so we take charge of all our projects; keep you on track; and deliver as promised.

We believe every client deserves to be treated like our only client, so we are attentive and available throughout each project.

We believe in mutually beneficial, long-term relationships, so we work with clients who need ongoing content development.

Our Clients

FDC has been privileged to serve dozens of quality companies over the years. Here is a partial list of our clients:


We’re always happy to talk about your content development projects. Please feel free to contact us if you think we can help!